Cowhides Australia

The reality is that numerous diverse animals are murdered to produce leather, while most people associate cattle and leather. Changing my once beloved non-vegan clothing, with morally built, good quality vegan alternates was pretty darn hard at the time (5 years back) - for me there have been only a couple of internet vendors promoting these products, and many didn't submit to Australia. The ‘Lacy Black Vegetarian Leather Satchel, this', is by FAR the sweetest handbag I have ever previously possessed, including all my - selection.

The tanning process of building a dogis skin become leather is horrendous for that environment along with the staff's health. Catherine Manuell Design: If you-can't look for a bag (purses, travel bags, wheely case vegan leather , slouch bags - you label it) here which tickles your fancy, I stop trying. This Foreign firm include a large amount of Aboriginal designs also which aid Local women.

Vegan Items - another superb, cruelty-free wonderland with bags (enjoy the Belperio bag above) and accessories galore. I recently ordered my fella a Vegan Items budget to displace his tatty looking (leather!) Road wallet. And, like a youthful mommy, Kristy was tired of the countless ‘same aged' child bags obtainable in retailers so she created her own!